What You Should Know About Blockchain

You might hear these keywords over the past years! But, again, these terms have been extremely popular (again) since Elon Musk tweeted he planned to accept cryptocurrency as their payment method. The sentiments were very positive and impacted the market by increasing the bitcoin value by 20% or even more and hitting a record high […]

The Concept Of Other People’s Money

Hi there! JP here, Co-founder of OPM Mastery.
Every now and again we get asked why we named our company OPM Mastery — and I LOVE explaining it.

The Best Credit Cards to Rebuild Your Credit Score

For this month’s “Healthy Credit Tips” we wanted to share with you some credit cards that have helped several of our customers rebuild their credit and get back on track.

How To Start Travel Hacking: Fly for Little or Nothing – Even in First Class!

Some people can enjoy their seats in the first-class because they are smart, a.k.a not paying for the luxury seat. But, wait, is that possible? Yes! Enter the world of travel hacking to score rewards flights and free first-class upgrades on most of your flights. Here’s how to start!

8 Steps To Wisely Financing A Business with A Credit Card

8 Steps to Wisely Financing A Business with A Credit Card