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About the company

OPM Mastery co-founders, Felix He & JP Movaghar launched the company in February of 2021. Both of them coming from a background in finance and banking, they set off to build a company that was community-driven by helping everyday people achieve their financial goals using a tool that everyone is familiar with yet don’t truly understand how to leverage it. That tool is…credit.

Felix is originally from Hawaii and graduated from the University of Hawaii as well. He went on to gain experience in corporate finance and became an expert in consumer and business credit products along the way. He developed a passion for not only helping people utilize these credit products more effectively, but to teach them. Felix went on to launch his entrepreneurship journey in the digital marketing space before connecting with JP & asking him to embark on the journey of launching OPM Mastery.

JP Movaghar is from Maryland and comes from a background of 6+ years in consumer & business banking. He became passionate about the credit space along the way and became known as the to-go person from all his clients. JP has a BS in business administration and launched his entrepreneurship journey in 2016. After stints in e-commerce and digital marketing, he had been connected with Felix for over a year and decided to join him on his journey of launching OPM Mastery.

What does OPM Mastery mean?

Our name is unique and at times controversial.

OPM stands for: Other People’s Money.

Hence our company’s name: OPM Mastery.

Our whole concept that we work with our clients on is how to get them to master leveraging other people’s money. Aka… the banks money (credit).

Once thing JP discovered during his time in the banking industry is that everyday people often didn’t see credit as a tool or even as a good thing in general. No matter the rewards or the 0% interest offers that typically come with most credit cards nowadays. That came down to one thing, financial institutions don’t train their representatives or their customers how credit can be used as a tool to build wealth. Instead they train their employees and customers alike that “investing” people’s hard earned cash with the “financial advisors” is the only way to go (hint hint… it’s not).

That might have been the ONLY truth a long time ago. But the landscape has shifted, times have changed and it’s our mission to catch people up with the new way of building wealth.

We’ve served hundreds of clients leverage credit as a tool to invest into building new steams of passive income, start the business they always dreamed of and become real estate investors.

And we’ve done so by creating a robust and comprehensive educational platform that teaches the concept of OPM and then going on to putting our clients through our unsecured 0% credit acquisition framework to help them obtain between $50,000 to $150,000 in 0% interest personal and business credit funding.

The American dream accessible in a whole new way.

We look forward to serving you and getting you closer to achieving your financial goals.


Felix, JP & the OPM Mastery team.

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