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We help business owners leverage other people’s money without high-interest rates and hassles.

Unlocking a New Perspective on Wealth

At OPM Mastery, our goal is to solve the number one growth roadblock most entrepreneurs face: securing the necessary funds to propel their businesses to new heights. We understand that in today’s competitive landscape, having a great product or service is only part of the equation. The real challenge lies in acquiring the financial resources needed to turn your vision into reality. Our mission is to provide a clear path to financial empowerment, ensuring that promising businesses no longer stall due to a lack of accessible funding.

We do this by helping business owners leverage the power of Other People’s Money (OPM) with little to no interest. When it comes to credit, most people often view it as a mere financial tool for transactions, missing the incredible potential it holds. While credit cards now offer rewards and 0% interest deals, financial institutions typically fail to educate their representatives and clients on how credit can serve as a powerful wealth-building tool.

In the past, the prevailing wisdom encouraged individuals to invest their hard-earned cash with financial advisors. However, times have changed, and so has the landscape of financial opportunities. At OPM Mastery, we’re on a mission to bridge this knowledge gap and empower individuals to leverage credit as a strategic asset.

Traditional business funding options often fall short in several critical aspects:

High Interest Rates

Traditional business loans can saddle you with hefty interest rates that eat into your profits and slow down your business growth. These loans often burden entrepreneurs with substantial monthly payments, making it tough to reinvest in their businesses or seize new opportunities.

Lengthy Application and Approval Processes

Traditional business loans can take anywhere from weeks to months to secure. The extensive documentation, multiple in-person meetings, and bureaucratic red tape can be incredibly time-consuming and frustrating for business owners. These delays often cause missed opportunities and hinder business growth.


Lack of Education

Traditional financial institutions often steer business owners towards conventional investment paths, neglecting to educate them on the transformative potential of credit as a wealth-building tool. Instead of empowering clients with the knowledge to leverage credit strategically, these institutions typically promote more traditional forms of wealth accumulation.

Limited Access

Traditional financing methods can be inaccessible for many entrepreneurs, especially those in the early stages of business or with unique financial needs. These methods often require extensive documentation, impeccable credit history, and substantial collateral, shutting out countless promising ventures from the funding they require.

How We’re Disrupting The Banking Industry

At OPM Mastery, we’re not just following the path of traditional financial institutions; we’re forging an entirely new one. We believe in challenging the status quo and rewriting the rules of the financial game.

Transforming Credit into a Wealth-Building Tool

Unlike traditional financial institutions that view credit as a transactional tool, we empower individuals and businesses to harness the full potential of credit as a strategic asset for wealth creation. We provide the knowledge and resources needed to leverage Other People’s Money (OPM) with minimal or no interest.

Streamlining Funding Processes

We’ve streamlined the funding journey, eliminating the burden of high-interest rates, reducing the time required for approvals to 45 days or less, and minimizing the red tape that often accompanies traditional loans. With our deep-rooted understanding of the banking industry and our commitment to data-driven insights, we’ve created an avenue that offers swift results with minimal red tape.

Empowering Through Education

We offer a comprehensive educational platform that supports business owners through the credit optimization process and beyond. We’re arming individuals and businesses with the knowledge needed to make informed decisions about leveraging credit for wealth building.

Expanding Access

We’re democratizing access to funding. Whether you’re just starting your business journey or have unique financial needs, we’re dedicated to making financial empowerment accessible to all.

Meet Our Team

At OPM Mastery, we’re making the American dream accessible in an entirely new way. Our co-founders, Felix He and JP Movaghar have fused their backgrounds in finance, banking, and entrepreneurship to create OPM Mastery. Their unique journeys converged in the pursuit of a shared vision: to empower individuals and businesses with the knowledge and resources to harness the full potential of Other People’s Money (OPM).

Meet Felix He
Originally hailing from the picturesque landscapes of Hawaii, Felix He embarked on a path in corporate finance that would eventually lead him to become an expert in consumer and business credit products. As he navigated the complexities of the financial world, he developed a deep-rooted passion for helping people not only understand these products but also utilize them effectively. Felix’s entrepreneurial spirit then led him into the realm of digital marketing, where he discovered the immense power of credit as a tool for building wealth.
Meet JP Movaghar

From the bustling state of Maryland, JP Movaghar brought over six years of consumer and business banking experience to the table. His tenure in the banking industry allowed him to gain valuable insights into the intricacies of credit and its transformative potential. Clients quickly recognized him as the go-to expert for all things related to credit. With a Bachelor of Science in business administration, JP embarked on his entrepreneurial journey in 2016, venturing into e-commerce and digital marketing before joining forces with Felix.

Funding Doesn't Have to Be Complicated.

Ready to take control of your financial future? Discover how we can help you navigate the world of credit, secure funding with ease, and unlock new opportunities for your business. It’s time to rewrite the rules of financial empowerment.
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